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We, Marc and Manon Beelen, have been living at Puech de Cabanelles since 2007. We still fully enjoy the peace and beautiful nature. During your stay we are happy to share our passion for this beautiful area, and for good food and fine wines.

751 route de Cabanelles - 81190 Tréban - FRANCE +33 5 63 54 49 04

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Four seasons at Cabanelles


In spring, the new year begins at Cabanelles. It is the season for the garden enthusiast and the active.

The attractions in the area are all reopening, in the cities you will mainly find local French people. Garden enthusiasts can also enjoy it to the fullest, everything is fresh green, flowers and blossoms everywhere

The days in March can already be warm enough to eat outside in the evening in the last bit of sun. Nice weather for walking and cycling. And in the evening you can light up the wood burning stove.




In the summer the pace slows down, time to barbecue, the days are long. Until late in the evening you can hear the crickets when you look at the overwhelming starry sky on the terrace with a glass of wine. Here you can still see the Milky Way.

Time to relax, swim, canoe, sit on a terrace and enjoy the many activities that are organized in July and August. Think of flea markets, the night market in Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, les Fêtes Médiévales du Grand Fauconnier in Cordes-sur-Ciel or the fireworks on 14 July in Albi, spectacular with the cathedral in the background.




In autumn you can enjoy the afterglow, the days are getting shorter, but the temperature is still very pleasant, in September often around 25°C like in summer. There is a lot to harvest, walnuts, sweet chestnuts that you then roast, quince, apples, figs that are processed into jam, not to mention mushrooms!

A great season for those who are not tied to the summer holidays, or who want to recover during the autumn holidays before winter sets in.




After a few years of testing, we have decided not to rent out the gîtes in the winter anymore. The winters here can be cold, and it is impossible to predict when that cold period will fall. To get a gîte warm for those few weeks, we have to light the wood stove three days in advance.

Most attractions in the area also close after the 'vacances de Toussaint' (the French autumn holiday with November 1st All Saints' Day and November 8th the commemoration of the armistice of the First World War). In short, it is also a time for us to 'cocoon' and prepare for the next season.


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